Welcome to our Support section. This section is primarily aimed at trans students and those close to them. 


If you're starting to have thoughts or questions about gender, take a look here for support, solidarity and advice.


If you're looking for a space to talk about gender or think through some of the issues around it, see if any of the information here can be of use.


If you're starting to look into medical assistance with transition, we've compiled some of the information you'll need to know here.


If you're trying to navigate documentation changes and other aspects of transition as a Cambridge student, we've put together what you need to know about that here


If you've experienced any sort of transphobic hate crime or discrimination - have a look at these resources and see if there's any way we can help. 


Get In Touch!


Within CUSU and CUSU LGBT+ there are a great many people who are behind you and willing to help. Please get in touch if you think there is anything we can do, or even just to say hello - we'd love to hear from you!


The CUSU LGBT+ trans rep can be contacted by emailing


The CUSU LGBT+ welfare rep can be contacted by emailing


Both of the above are student volunteers with trans (in the case of the trans rep) or otherwise LGB+ lived experience. They are very keen and willing to help wherever they can. They are however not full-time employees or trained counsellors or mediators.


The CUSU Welfare and Rights officer can be contacted by emailing


The CUSU Welfare and Rights officer is a full-time sabbatical officer, employed and trained by CUSU to look after student welfare and rights. They are not always someone with trans or otherwise LGB+ experience, but do liaise with CUSU LGBT+ and do have students' interests and welfare firmly at heart.


Trans Coffee Meets and the Trans Lists

Trans coffee meets happen every Saturday during term time. We meet downstairs in Clown's Cafe on King St. from 11am until 1pm (or long after!) and are always keen to welcome new people.  Clown's is wheelchair-accessible downstairs and has single-occupant toilets without gender labels. We also have a couple of mailing lists: cusu-lgbt-transinfo is an information-only list where the trans rep posts information on what is going on for trans students, and cusu-lgbt-trans is a discussion list to which any of the members can post. You can sign up to these by going to  - or, email the trans rep who will be able to add you.



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