All resources here are free to download and use.

"Transgender 101" zine - this booklet was created for Trans Awareness Month 2015 by the Make No Assumptions team - feel free to use!


Downloadable PDF copies of all our posters are available here:



General Resources

'Transgender: The Basics' and 'Respecting Transgender People' are printable abridged versions of our more extensive resources from this site.  We hope these will be useful for informing a wide audience about transgender issues.

Pronoun Stickers

We have produced some sets of pronoun stickers which you are welcome to download and print. These could be an excellent addition to name badges at an event, and help people start to see asking about pronouns as a normal thing to do. 

Some of the pronouns here may be unfamiliar; take a look here for more information. 










Deed Poll Template


A link to a Deed Poll template created by Jessi Lloyd is here. Contrary to common misinformation, it is FREE to change your name in the UK.


No guarantee of any sort is made for the deed poll template. Any use of any information contained therein or herein is at the user's own risk.


Instructions for use (thanks to Jessi Lloyd):

1. Follow the link above. View or save the PDF file.

2. Copy the text into the word processor of your choice. You may have to do something with typefaces at this point. I used Optima, which seems to be quite rare. 

3. Fill in the blanks (helpfully indicated by the square brackets). 

4. Print it. Preferably onto fancy-looking paper. I'd also recommend printing multiple copies - most places you'll need it will want to see an original copy, and although they'll return it, it won't always be pristine. For example, HMRC put a staple through one of mine.

5. Sign it (all of them) in the prescence of at least one, and preferably two, witnesses. Have them sign it, to certify that you've signed it.

6. Your name has legally changed. You'll want to inform... pretty much everyone. Lists of suggestions are available online - see the references below.


References: - I used this site's automatically generated deed as a starting point for my own. Various parts were tweaked or added, but it was a really valuable resource. It also has a list of people to contact, here.





For Pubs, Clubs, Bars and Other Venues

Below can be found some guidance produced by the Make No Assumptions campaign on how pubs, clubs and bars can make their venue as trans-inclusive and friendly as possible. There is also a copy of the letter which will be sent to Cambridge pubs, clubs and bars as part of the campaign in April 2015.

For Colleges and Departments

Below can be found the document produced by the Sarah Gibson, CUSU LGBT+ trans rep in 2013, entitled 'Including Transgender Students at the University of Cambridge'. This gives detailed information on how to include transgender students at the University of Cambridge. This makes very useful and important reading for all involved in teaching and student contact within the University, particularly Tutorial Offices.


There is also a copy of the cover letter sent to all colleges as a part of this campaign. 



For GPs

Below can be found a letter to all Cambridge GPs detailing the most recent guidance from NHS England on treating transgender patients. A Google folder containing all of the original guidance documents, plus the leaflets 'Respecting Transgender People' and 'Transgender: The Basics' can be found by following this link.


Make No Assumptions hopes eventually to send this information to GPs. In the meantime, please feel free to take these resources to your own GP or, if you are a GP yourself, please have a look and make use of the information.








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