Welcome to our information section.  Here you can find a wealth of background info aimed at a variety of people.


For Non-Students

On the right can be found copies of all the resouces which will be sent out to Cambridge colleges, departments, pubs, clubs and bars as part of the campaign. Please feel free to also have a look through the rest of these information pages; 'The Basics' is a good place to start.


We will be running an information evening connected to these resources in the next few weeks. Anyone we have contacted is encouraged to attend, and everyone who feels this would be helpful to them is welcome. More information can be found here in due course.


For Students

We have a whole range of information up on the site here; this has all been modified from the long-standing trans resources on the CUSU LGBT+ website. If all this is new to you, 'The Basics' is a good place to get an understanding of what it means to be transgender.  If you're wondering how best to support and be helpful to your trans friends - why not have a look at 'Being An Ally' and 'Transphobia'.  If you're slightly lost in all the new terminology, our Glossary could be helpful.  


For Trans Students, Significant Others, Family & Friends

We have updated and migrated the trans support resources from the CUSU LGBT+ website. Take a look at our Support section for more info on being trans in Cambridge. If you're looking for help, don't hesitate to get in touch with Rob, the CUSU LGBT+ trans rep for 2014-15:


Resource Documents 

Free for all to download and use.

'The Basics' and 'Respecting Transgender People' are two short leaflets summarising the more extensive background information in this section

'Including Transgender Students at the University of Cambridge' was produced in 2013 and gives comprehensive guidance on how the University Departments and Colleges can best be inclusive and accessible to transgender students. This is important reading for all tutorial offices in particular.  The cover letter below details particular changes which remain outstanding in some areas. 

The guidance below has been produced for pubs, clubs and bars in Cambridge, with information on how they can be inclusive and encouraging to transgender customers

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