Content Warning: this page includes mentions of harassment, gender policing, non-binary erasure.

Public toilets can be really tricky places to navigate as a trans person.


We all just want to be able to use public toilets with minimal awkwardness.


However most public toilets are designated 'Male' and 'Female' with no other option. This means trans people can be forced to choose between using the facilities which match their gender at the risk of not being accepted there, or having to label themselves as a gender which doesn't fit them. If someone doesn't identify with a binary gender, neither choice fits them, anyway. This all combines to make public toilets something of an ordeal.


On top of that, trans people are faced with funny looks, questions, comments and sometimes even violence from other bathroom users because they are perceived as not fitting into that space. This just worsens the ordeal. If you see someone who doesn't fit your expectation, don't question them. They probably know what they're doing.


Disclaimer – this does not condone people entering a different bathroom than they would usually use for the express purpose of harassing other users.  If someone is doing this, report them to the relevant security service.

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