Whenever we meet a new person, we subject them to our preconceptions about who they are - including about their gender. However if those preconceptions don't include an understanding of gender as something more complex than what is assigned at birth, it can make things really difficult for trans people.  While most people mean well, lots of little misunderstandings can add up to become very wearing and disheartening.


MAKE NO ASSUMPTIONS is a campaign run by CUSU LGBT+ , the Cambridge students' LGBT+ campaign, to increase awareness of gender and transgender issues and the little things people can do to make life easier for the trans people around them.


If you're new to all these concepts - don't panic! Take a look at our information section to learn more. If you've seen a poster and wonder what it means, there are explanations about them all in our poster section.


If you're a trans person, or think you might be, why not look at our events listings support pages - or indeed get in touch - we'd love to hear from you! 


Note: If anyone, particularly trans people of colour and/or trans women, wants to submit an edit to this site, please feel free to email cusutranscampaign@gmail.com. The team directly behind this campaign is DFAB and white; we have sought input and advice from a wider group, including trans women and trans people of colour, but are aware that our privilege may mean that many other trans people are far more qualified to talk on plenty of issues than we are, and further input is incredibly welcome.

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New information for GPs and a Deed Poll template and instructions are available in our Resources section.
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